Our Story

Two years ago, a handsome young man, Ryan, swept a strong-willed girl, off her feet. After continuous heartbreak from a failed marriage and back-to-back toxic relationships, Maria was ready to give up on her quest for real love. Just as she was throwing in the towel, Ryan slipped in her DMs . He knew what he wanted and was determined to win Maria over. 

Maria was not used to men going above and beyond in their attention and chivalry. She did not realize that the romantic telenovelas she grew up watching, would become real for her! The only difference here was that her knight in shining armor wore a helmet, repped the red and gold, wore leather and rode a Harley Davidson. Little did Maria know that her soulmate was entering her life. She never imagined herself in the biker world because she was so naïve and sheltered. It is funny how love works though; when you find the right one at the right time, anything and everything is possible. Everything fits and everything is easy. 

Together, Ryan and Maria ignited a flame never to be extinguished.  They learned that true love heals. Their undying loyalty and unconditional love towards each other made that possible for them. They became each other’s world. Ryan and Maria were so different like a monkey and bunny yet so intertwined like “…one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24) Maria’s world became better in so many ways since Ryan entered her life, but he gave her the biggest gift of all, a beautiful son. Due to past sexual trauma and other mental health barriers, she never thought in a million years she would become a mother. Of course, that changes when you meet true love. 

Unfortunately, life can be cruel and unforgiving at times. How else would you describe leaving a world of torment to enter a world of bliss, only for it to be snatched away ever so quickly? Ryan suffered a motorcycle accident on Christmas Eve leaving his Bunny behind on this earthly realm. Although they might be separated physically, Ryan and Maria will forever be united. 

Discovering true love changed Maria’s life forever and now she wishes to share it with others. Maria’s wish is for others to reap the benefits of a soulmate love. Forever In Love Foundation came into existence from an unexpected tragedy. Although the pain and darkness of losing a soulmate is never-ending and consuming, Maria doesn’t want darkness to win. She wants to allow some light in as well. Sharing with the world, the eternal love her and her husband have is one of these ways. Love can do it all. Life is hard to live without her husband, but she continues to nurture their love until they reunite in Heaven. Creating this foundation is a way for Maria not only to commemorate their love, but to serve as a romantic gesture to her husband because she is still madly in love with him and will always be.  

 Join Maria’s journey and accept her invitation to spread love during our personal struggles. She knows some of us are deeply mourning those that momentarily left us or others are facing other life’s challenges. Many are doing both, but she knows that together anything is possible. Let us heal together as we love together. 

Maria Bethea